Client & Brief

A small startup originating in Stellenbosch,'s aim is to provide students in the accounting industry with training contracts that will suit them based on location, accounting firm size and office culture. As much as the service is tailor made for students, it also serves as a portal for employer firms to find students they believe to be the right fit for their company. Our human centered design was focused on the collection and sharing of information for all users, both the firm or students.

Research Findings, Process & Solution is a very specialised job board type site. Everything you've seen on any other job board could hav ebeen applicable to the service, but we needed to focus on the strong point of the students and help them stand out in the crowd. The employer's dashboard was designed for the desktop browser, but students were able to browse, edit and interact via the mobile device browser as primary interface.

Our client was heavily involved in the design process with constant in depth communication sessions. This made the project's direction clear and awareness of their needs and ability to bounce ideas off each other constantly a possibility.

Our aim in terms of search was to incorporate a search by location and qualification. This would give a student enough insite into employers surrounding him nearby, further, furthest and then finally too far. Tabbed display showing employers by proximity were provided as results to the search.

After initial registration and polulation of the user's profile they were able to effortlessly apply for available bursaries, vacation work and ultimately a training contract. We accompliched this with one click buttons with confirmation step.

The ability to make the two communication between student and prospective employer effortless was implimented using notifications on both dashboards coupled by emails received on actions initiated and completed. 


Early Concepts and Mockups



Success in Driving Outcome

The main business goal, while working on and launching version 1, was to have platform that could gather enough "stock" in students for employers to make their selection for internship contracts a seamless process driven by our system. I just over a year we have had signups of 28 small to large accounting firms and nearly 1500 students. has now evolved into a platform, that not just caters for direct recruiting, but is also used by it's owners as a tool for indirect recruiting, selecting desired candidates using data from the system.

What we learned

This was our first project co-managed by the client. Their hands-on approach contributed to the overall success achieved. Having a client  completely vested and contributing would be my preference for medium to large coding projects. Constant input and feedback from the client definately drives performance and output, especially since we were such a small team on the project. Always have the client on your side. He is part of the team.


Product Development - UI/UX Design
HTML5 & CSS3 (Bootstrap Framework)
Additional Javascript & Data Bindings (JQuery)
Responsive Development
Parallax Homepage

Technologies & Tools

CSS, Bootstrap 3 Framework
Javascript & JQuery
PHP for security & back-end
Sketch for UI Design
Subversion for version control